Kisses from Noel

When I was growing up, my momma told me that all of the beautiful places on Earth were created from a kiss from the universe. The kiss was from a constellation named Noel in the sky, let me tell you the background to this legend.

Every year, in the Northern Hemisphere, there is a constellation in the sky that happens to be at the perfect angle of a woman that is perfectly in sync facing the Earth between December 31, and January 1. The image is of a woman kissing a spot on the Earth for the entire Northern Hemisphere. My mom told me her name was Noel, and every year she will kiss a part of the Earth. Where she kisses, according to my mom, that place would soon become one of the most beautiful destinations on the Earth.

I always took this with me well into adulthood. Any time I visited a beautiful landscape, I figured at some point in history, Noel had kissed this part of the Earth and made it the attractive destination that it was. As I vacationed around the world, my favorite destinations were always places that Noel could have feasibly kissed at some point.

This blog is dedicated to the places that I think Noel may have kissed at some point in Earth’s history. The best vacation spots in the world

If you would like to contribute to the blog with a great example of a wonderful place to vacation, please comment on one of the blog posts with your email so I can contact you and approve of your blog idea.

Thanks for tuning in you guys and gals!

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