West Coast Best Coast

How many of you have explored the coastal line of the North American West Coast? And if you have, how amazed were you by the vast beautiful landscapes that draped over the western coastline of the Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Since there are only 3 major countries that take up the West coast line, it is actually relatively easy to visit the and be able to see the entire coast. Some of my favorite areas to visit on the west coast of North America are listed below.


vancouver ca

Vancouver is the most popping city on the west coast of Canada. It certainly has somewhat of an American feel to it and kind of replicated the city of Seattle just a short boat trip away. In Vancouver, people are an out and about bunch of people, and the atmosphere certainly replicates that. With a beautiful coastline just a short walk from the city and downtown, there are an abundant amount of beaches to get your fix for coastal lifestyle.


seattle wa

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and it is no wonder considering what kind of city the people have created for themselves. Kind of an off breed of human, Seattle is a hub for new technology, new entrepreneurs, new kinds of music, and just all around off the center brand of people. And we have not even begun to talk about what kind of environment Seattle has. Somewhat replicating a hilly downtown paradise, Seattle has a number of different beaches surrounding basically the entire city as well as bay areas and rivers to go to. If you want a techy city to explore after you spend your afternoon at the beach, Seattle is one of your best options.


humboldt ca

If you like to explore the depths of forests and stumble upon a beautiful coastline in Northern California, Humboldt is your city. Humboldt is literally covered in trees and the trees are so dense that you will start to smell the ocean breeze before you actually even see it. But once you get thre, you will be in awe at movie like beaches and feelings when your feet hit the sand of Humboldt beaches.

Bodega Bay

bodega bay ca

If you are a fan of old timey movies, then you might have seen the beaches of Bodega Bay in movies likeĀ Birds among others. Bodewga Bay is a very small town made up of mostly vacation homes filled with people who are there for getaways. There are a wide variety of beach homes to rent out for periods of time that are located just a short walk away from some of California’s most beautiful beaches.

San Francisco Bay Area

san francisco bay area

San Francisco Bay contains some of the smartest and most tech savvy people in the world, it is also a very tourist friendly city to attend. San Francisco is also home to some of the finest oceans to check out. San Francisco is a very densely populated city but it is sure one great city to visit.

Los Angeles Bay

los angeles bay area

Los Angeles is one of the most famous places in the world to check out the babes and the beaches. LA has some warm oceans to swim in, and some bootylicious babes to check out and go to parties with. IF you area very social butterfly, then you will certainly appreciate checking out the cities in Los Angeles along with going to some of the most popular beaches in the world.

Cabo San Lucas

cabo san lucas mx

One of the most famous cities to go to on vacations, whether from Mexico or anywhere else in the world. Cabo has some fantastic scenery to check out while you are there. Cabo is probably one of the top vacation destinations.

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