Vacationing in Northern California

One of the biggest debates between the people of California, which is the better part of California? Is it Northern California, or is it Southern California? This post will cover some of the top features about NorCal, the following post will cover SoCal.

So first off, let’s establish the division between NorCal and SoCal. For the purpose of this post we’re going to leave out Fresno. Sorry Fresknights, but you guys are right in the middle! So above Fresno we will call the NorCal area and below that, it is SoCal. So let’s jump into it.

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Northern California

Northern California was part of the reason the United States people even started to come to California. The Gold Rush brought people from the Eastern part of the United States in search of gold and creating a large fortune, led by John Sutter and his crew and followers, Sacramento, CA became one of the primary destinations for new people who were coming from the East Coast to the West.

Sacramento isn’t the biggest city in Northern California, but the entire county of it has a ¬†very diversely populated and cultured group of people. Full of neat architecture and booming cities throughout the Sacramento county, it is definitely a place worth traveling through. From Folsom, to East Sac, to Roseville, and Rocklin, there is a lot to see. One thing that I definitely noticed while traveling through some of the neighborhoods North and East of Sacramento was that there was a lot of houses who cared about the style of architecture they had, and it was very admirable compared to many of the other suburban areas that I have visited. In particular, Roseville neighborhoods were littered with many cool raised gardens and stylin’ front patios. When I asked many of the people who does the architecture around there, I was referred to, so kudos to them! I was definitely in shock at how neat the front of many of the homes appeared. There are also a ton of ways to enjoy your time in the Greater Sacramento county. They have sports, multiple rivers, multiple lakes, dirtbiking areas, camping areas, downtown, concert venues, all the makings of a booming area of the world.

Next stop in NorCal was to visit the Bay Area. San Francisco, Oakland, and many of the surrounding cities are surely a different breed of people than much of the rest of the United States. A more of a tech driven society blooms here, much of the cities residents are business savvy people and care a lot about what is going on in the big picture of the world more than their local areas. The Bay area has a ton of sports fanatics, and it is well represented when you look throughout their neighborhoods and many of the other people on the streets. While in the Bay Area, I certainly admired some of the present architecture and the looming builds that were going to appear in the near future.

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After I visited the Bay Area, I went on up to the real forested part of Northern California and visited Humboldt California. Humboldt is full of lush green forests and is situated very snug next to the ocean where its a little too cold to swim, but perfect area to smoke. Humboldt and the rest of the dense forests of NorCal are perfect places to take a family to hangout out and enjoy camping and beginning to feel as if they are one with nature.

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After visited much of Northern California, here are some things that I took away from my vacation.

Northern California has fantastic food and drinks. After visiting Napa, which is suffieciently called “wine country,” I got to participate in luxurious wine drinking affairs as well as some exquisitely prepared meals.

Intellectual and psychedelic cultures. Northern California people love to think, and it seems their thought patterns are vastly different compared to the rest of the world. Whether it be due to the progressive mindsets or the schools like UC Berkeley, Stanford, and UC Davis that bleed into the area, maybe it’s the presence of the Silicon Valley, or it very well could be the fact that many Northern California people have an affinity for using psychedelic drugs, all of this factors into the making of a different breed of people in the NorCal area.

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Something that NorCal is excelling in compared to SoCal is the use of public transportation and the process that allows many people in the Bay area and other parts of NorCal to go without a car. The BART, buses, light rails, and UBER really help people travel efficiently compared to the SoCal neighbors. While it is not perfect, and actually far from it, NorCal people are actively pursuing ways to create a better way for public transit.

The weather is definitely something you have to be accustomed to or enjoy the change of weather. NorCal generally gets more rain and is cooler during the off summer season, and like myself, that is what I enjoy. I like to have the option to be close to snow during the winter as well as being able to enjoy hot summer days at the river.

NorCal is different than SoCal for sure, but it is definitely not inferior in any sense. Although, there are things that make them vastly superior to much of the rest of the country.


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