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Southern California has definitely become a main staple to live for people with money, beach lovers, fantastic weather, and a certain brand of people that are noticeably recognizable compared to many other types of people living in the United States.

One of the arguments for people when living in California is, which part of California is the best to live in, is it NorCal, or is it SoCal? We just made the case for Northern California after a little rendezvous throughout the the Bay Area, Sacramento County, and the true North North part of California, so if you want to see the case for NorCal, click here.

Southern California

When we went to SoCal, we knew that there were a ton of worldwide attractions for us to check out, so we knew we had to go through San Diego and then spend the rest of the time hanging out for the rest of the time in the greater Los Angeles area.

When we first stopped in San Diego, I was completely taken aback by how beautiful the weather was near where we landed, which was right near the ocean actually, was a beautiful scene. The flight coming in, you can get a great look over much of the beautiful San Diego city, and enjoy the sites of some of the world’s best beaches, and ocean living.

san diego -airport

During my time in San Diego, I spent a lot of time enjoying the beach and the many beautiful men and women navigating across the beach front enjoying playing games throughout the day. San Diego also has some very bright people and it is a booming centralized town full of wealthy, and tech-savvy people. With the University of California San Diego, and California State University of San Diego, which are two pretty top notch schools in one city, there are tons of knowledgeable people there. San Diego is also grounds of many UFO sightings near their oceans, so if the extraterrestrials are your thing, I would definitely put this on your list of SoCal places to visit. San Diego also has their world famous San Diego Zoo, host to many animals, it just might be too many!

san diego zoo

When people talk about Los Angeles, they could be referring to the city, the county, or many of the other districts and other not so small cities, like Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Orange, Anaheim. Throughout my short lifetime, and experiencing most of the cities, there is definitely a noticeable change in the types of properties, wealth, and type of comparative living. But there is not so much a change in the culture of Los Angeles. Since stuff is so bunched together, the inhabitants can fully experience many of the famous futures that make SoCal such a happening place to be. Whether you are visiting and experiencing the SoCal lifestyle to fully entrench yourself in the type of living situation they are in, get ready to do a lot of navigating. Los Angeles has horrendous traffic, but there are so many places to see that you just gotta live through it to be able to see it all. If you plan trips right, you can sometimes avoid the real heavy heavy traffic.

greater los angeles area

Some of the features that people come visit SoCal for definitely include Disneyland, the Boardwalks, and of course, the Beach Babes. But the weather is absolutely great. Most days are shiny skies and surfing weathers. But the proviximity of Los Angeles still allows you to get away to the mountains for a week and enjoy some skiing and snowboarding vacations by exploring some of the featured hills, such as Mammoth Mountain.

los angeles greater downtown

SoCal does have a drought going on right now. Not as many forested areas as NorCal, but for some of the people living in the area, they can deal without the rain because they have lovely weather all year long and barely have to know about the weather before even getting a glimpse outside.

Los Angeles has a lot of wealth, and they definitely have a lot of sports teams and night life to enjoy while they live there. There are many professional athletes who have made a second home in Los Angeles as well as celebrities and wealthy figureheads.

los angeles staples center

Ultimately, there is no better part of California. If you live there, most people will say you live in the greatest place on Earth, no matter which region you are in. And for the most part, having experience the vast amount of California, there is so much to love about the city, and the proximity to other great destinations just makes the state that much better.

I gotta say, whenever I am, unsure where I want to make my next vacation, I nearly always will find myself enjoying some part of California.

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