Vacations are always something people look forward to when living their lives out.  Everyone dreams of laying on the sandy beach, soaking in all the sun, drinking piña colodas with their loved ones.  It’s tough to experience that when your working 40 plus hours a week with no time or money to use for vacation and relaxation time.  It’s very difficult when deciding which places to fly or drive to for vacation, there’s so many amazing places.  There are a lot of factors when choosing the best place.  You have to factor in cost, amount of people you’ll be with, if your wanting a lazy type of vacation or eager sight seeing vacation.  I’ve personally been to a few exotic vacation places including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Aruba to name a couple.
Out of all the places I’ve been to for vacation Hawaii was the best by far and the destination I recommend vacation.  There is something about the smell of Hawaiian land that just gets me going.  I felt a unique type of rejuvenation from leaving the mainland and spending a couple days kicking back and relaxing on the ocean.  I had an amazing experience due to my friend.  My friend Jason had the perfect set up for us when we flew to Hawaii.  Jason had his grandparents time share for the week in Hawaii to kick back and party.  Within walking distance of his grandparent’s time share was the Hyatt Resort on the beach.  There was no other pool quite as beautiful and exotic as the one there.  Words are no justice for describing the setting, but let’s just say it was truly breathtaking.

Money simply doesn’t not just show up on your doorstep for vacations like this.  It’s vital to understand that a proper savings plan is needed for a vacation like Hawaai.  Most people have to work for money.  In other words, people are trading time for money.  The smart and wealthy have there money work for them, where there not having to exchange time for money.  This money concept is crucial to understand.  Without this type of money thinking, your vacation days to Hawaai will be rare if not impossible. You have to ask yourself everyday, “is what I’m doing right now going to get me closer to a vacation to Hawaii?”  If the answer is no, you know where to start.
tropical hawaii
The wealthy have the ability to vacation all the time, which is exactly why they have the best vacation because for them the rest of life is a vacation.  Imagine waking up one day and realizing you have so much money you can go anywhere with anyone.  That would be an amazing experience, I’d imagine.  People always wonder how they can reach that type of level.  You have to look at your current income, expenses, and savings plan to strategize where to place money.  It is an absolute must to build multiple, different streams of income in your life to be able to separate from the rate race and live a wealthy life.  All want the wealthy lifestyle but very few are willing to put in the necessary work.

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