Things to Do in Kauai

Like previously posted Kauai is the best Hawaiian island out of all of them, no joke.  Once you land on the island you will know immediately what I’m talking about.  Pictures simply can’t do any justice for the beauty.  If you’ve ever had dreams about what paradise looks like I know for sure it’s an image of Kauai.  There really is nothing compared to Kauai.  Once you set your eyes on the island for the first time you will fall in love forever.  In my opinion, Kauai is Hawaii’s best kept secret.  Many tourists and newbies flock to the main islands where all the commercial skyscrapers and resorts are.
The amazing thing about Kauai is there’s so many activities to do.  The island itself isn’t that big so one can literally take a tour of the whole island in less than a day.  You will never be bored on the island either.  Before taking a trip to Kauai, again it is advised that you bring money.  Nothing is for free in life, but having an amazing trip for two weeks is priceless.  It’s true, Kauai is the romance island.  I’ve never seen more married couples on honeymoons than when I was in Kauai.
  Kauai overlooking

You will never run out of fun activities to do on the island.  The island has everything and more.  If you want to skydive into the ocean you can.  If you want to wind surf, you can.  If your looking to zip line through some amazing terrain, no problem.  My favorite activity out of all them is getting a helicopter tour of the Napali coast.  The Napali coastline is this exotic looking mountain range on the north side of the island.  It’s so beautiful in person you can’t believe what your looking at.  Be warned though, if you’re debating the sailboat tour over the helicopter tour make sure you’re not prone to getting sea sick, as I was.  Kauai cliff
Other than getting a helicopter tour of the Napali coastline I remember scuba diving with the dolphins.  Scuba diving with the dolphins is truly a crazy experience.  It is very difficult to attempt to describe in words the event.  Once you grab onto a dolphin you’re essentially going for a ride, it’s an extreme adrenaline rush.  I got a very intense high from riding on the back of multiple different dolphins.
Kauai Zipline
The last thing before leaving Kauai you must do is zip line.  Zip lining is so fun you have to just do it.  Never in my life will I come across a more beautiful setting than the rain forest in Kauai.  The only zip line course on the island has seven different platforms to land and take off from, stretching over a mile and a half in length.  The first couple platforms were cool but very short.  Once you got towards the end you were able to jump off the half mile line down to the ocean.  Zip lining isn’t quite as fun as sky diving but it definitely comes in second.  Hopefully when you decide to go to Kauai you can experience some if not all of these experiences.  But, Hawaii in general, there just is not another place like it in the world. Truly lifetime experiences and beautiful sights will be part of just what happens in Hawaii.

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