Kauai, the The Best Hawaiian Island

If you’ve ever thought of vacationing in Hawaii you’ve probably thought of the tourist islands like Maui or Oahu. Most of the main islands attract tons of tourists every year. Personally I don’t recommend going to the big islands where all the tourists congregate. Packed, crowded beaches was never my favorite growing up. Most people never give the small island of Kauai the chance. Kauai is the farthest island to the east, closest to Asia. If you’ve ever seen the movies Jurassic Park or LILO & Stitch you know what Kauai looks like. Most people make the claim, “Kauai is what Hawaii used to look like.” If your looking for raw Hawaii with amazing scenery and beaches, then Kauai is your island.

Most of the time the island is filled with celebrities and honey mooners. Kauai also has the most exotic mountain range on the coast of the ocean I’ve ever seen. The world famous mountain range that you seen in LILO & Stitch is known as the Napoli Coast. I remember taking a tour of the Napoli coast on a sail boat. It was an amazing scene to see but if you get sea sick, it’s not the best way to see the coast. Next time I go to see the Napoli Coast I’m taking the helicopter tour. There’s so many things to do on the island. Whether you like laying on the beach, ATVing, Zip lining, scuba diving, sailing Kauai has it all.

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The worst part about the trip to Kauai was leaving. Going back home from such an amazing island is really a hard task. It’s quite funny how some people explain what the natives of the island call “island fever.” Island fever is a phenomenon where people feel as though there stuck on the island and have no place to go. Kind of ironic, right? How could people living on such an exquisite island feel the urge to get up and leave. It makes sense if you’ve lived there for awhile, but as a tourist I wanted to stay on the island forever. The natives on the island where actually extremely helpful and kid, contrary to what I was told before heading there.

During trip, I was there with my best friend at his grandfather’s time share. The best part about the arrangement was that right next to the time share was the Hyatt resort. If you’ve ever been to a Hyatt you know how gorgeous they are. At the Hyatt all the best service, pools, food, and people were there. It was truly an amazing experience seeing tons of people from all over the world at one beautiful location. The biggest pool out of the six different pools was the epicenter of activity for everyone. Not only was everyone having a good time but basketball and volleyball were constantly being played. It’s imperative to note that you must bring along money to this type of trip of you want to have the time of your life. Lucky for me, I never paid for hotel or food but had I it would have been a lot more expensive.

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