Exploring California

Overall, the country has chosen time and time again that California is the best place in the United States to live in. Many statistics can prove that. Also, just the absurd amount of people that live in the state have spoken louder than words that they love living here too. One of the biggest booms in economics came when Gold was discovered in California. The Gold Rush brought many people from all over the world to California in search of gold, but they found so much more.

Beautiful coastal fronts, lavish forests filled with trees, mountains that stretch for hundreds of miles, a mass amount of wildlife diversity, a diverse climate, an incredible amount of waterway, including lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and oceans cover the city. All of this is only part of what makes up California, and what makes it such a hot destination spot.coastal home

After years of people changing where they reside, California became a top destination around the world. With the booming growth in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the bay area, you will notice that the wealthiest people have all decided that they love California so much that they need to stick a home in there. And you will notice that these are not just any kind of homes. Some of them are so enormous and lavish that every single portion of some of these homes just strike you with awe and admiration. My uncle has continued to manage his crew of carpet cleaners for many of the uber wealthy homes in the North Bay area. Let me tell you, I have heard many stories of incredible homes with features that you did not even think were real until you saw them. Things like retractable furniture, holograms, and other cool tech gear.

Sometimes as a tourist, it is nice to be able to check out some of these great homes and just imagine what kind of life some of these wealthy people are living.

There is this cool app that came out called AirBnB. It is an app that allows people who own home to be able to rent out a room, or the entire house to a tourist who is staying for a short amount of time. AirBnB has allowed me to stay in some of the finest homes in the bay area and San Diego, even if it was just for a very short amount of time. 

In one of the houses I stayed in for AirBnB, it was a magnificent coastal home on the shoreline of San Diego’s ocean fronts. I never realized how much fun some of those wealthy people had until I went with my host to one of the homes down the block. They were hosting a party, and the fun part for me was actually the tour of the home.

Now, this home was apparently around $20 million dollars, and to be honest, it seemed almost worth every single penny. Every room that was on the side facing the oceans had a completely open room with glass windows that connected the roof of the home to the floor of the second floor, and the ceiling of the first floor to the floor of the first floor. The windows were retractable, and you had the ability to actually experience being outside while still being in the comfort of the home. I had never seen anything like it.

I had a chat with the owner why were smoking a dooby on the top floor of the home onlooking the ocean. I had asked him, what is it that allowed him to live his life this way. He told me to hustle. He said it is all about being able to be frugal with your money when you should be, and only spend it on investments until there is enough capital to be a able to spend a little bit on novelties like homes, and vacations.

coastal living

This guy was actually wealthy enough to be able to say that this home was a novelty to him. I could not believe it. He was a great genuine guy, and he understood how lavish of life he lived, but he did not seem to think much about the beauty of his home. I just thought by being able to wake up everyday in that masterpiece of architecture, days of living were probably pretty easy compared to most of us around the world.

The rest of my vacation, I walked along the coastline of San Diego, admiring many of the beautiful houses that were built near the ocean. It was a beautiful life that they had the luxury of living, and I am glad I got to experience it even for my short vacation.

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