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When you hear the word vacation, what do you think of? Maybe it’s the traveling to get to the destination, whether it be by bus, car, plane, or train. Maybe people think of camping vacations. Some people, like me, think about going to the coastline or to some large body of water for a vacation.

Growing up in Oregon, most of my fall through Spring consisted of going to school day in and day out in the middle of my town, spending most of my weekends either hanging out with friends, with family, or doing odd jobs. When summer came along, that was always when the big trips happened. Being on the west coast, there was so much opportunity that awaited us. We explored mountains, we explored forests, we hung out at beach houses on the ocean, we went to lake houses. But the experiences were not all equal, and didn’t strike me as vacations sometimes. When I imagined going hiking around mountains, that’s what I took the word for, a hike. Not a vacation. To me, the word vacation means taking a break from the hard stuff in life to relax and enjoy being served for once. This always meant ocean chilling.

Whenever I watched movies growing up, when the suburban families would pile all of their kids into the car to take them to a vacation at a far away place, if you had to bet money on where they were going most of the time in these movies.

When you are at the ocean, the sounds of ocean waves must just be operating at a different vibration, the rest of the world or something, because when I think about summer fun, and summer peace, and vacation, I imagine myself laying down with a hat on tanning by the ocean, getting some good relaxation time from all my troubles in life.

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The stresses of today’s world can be so much. Some of us need to learn how to bring inner piece into our lives, and that is why some people drop big money on peaceful vacations because there is just some sort of energy with being quiet, or having a soothing sound that can just bring our energy to a more relaxed state.

Coastal Travels are commonly beautiful. There is usually some wonderful real estate available on he coastlines, because the wealthiest people of the world have decided that the coastline is a beautiful place to live.

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Imagine yourself at peace right now. Are you locked up in a room with no sound, or are you away on a peaceful vacation relaxing in the sun and listening to waves crash down as you drift away into happiness. I’ll go with the second one, how about you guys?

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