Big City Vacationing

The word vacation can implement various ideas in your head when you think of the word. For some people, the word vacation can simply mean time off of work. Others, a vacation is to some special environment, like a beach town, camping grounds, or in the mountains. Most of the people around me, who live in a small town in the eastern edge of Portland, a vacation to them is a trip to a big city.

Being on the west coast, there are a lot of beautiful big cities to hit up, but most of them are in California. Living in Oregon, my family’s vacations were often to Portland, Seattle, and Boise. Among them, I have had an abundant amount of fun in these 3 cities. They are all so different in the culture among them, but provide so much to do throughout the landscape.


portland oregon

Visiting Portland Oregon, most often we would find ourselves at a high class hotel in the middle of the city. We liked to be close to the central downtown area of the big cities we went to sow we could see the most action going on. Our hotel that we stayed at, we were treated to upper echelon service. Since we usually drove, upon arrival, our vehicles were handled by the staff on hand of, who, funnily enough, worked a wedding we went to at the Leach Botanical Gardens. We were also treated to fantastic transportation and actually hardly used our car for the majority of these trips. Portland is very ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to public transportation. Many of the downtown city dwellers use bicycles as their primary means of traveling downtown. They also have one of the fastest growing light rail systems in the country, that allow mass amounts of people to travel around the city across the various light rail routes to reach their destinations. 

The culture of Portland is fantastic too. Being from Oregon myself, the people were very easy to relate to, and is sort of a melting pot of diversity. There are also people from all walks of life who thrive in the city. Since Portland is somewhat progressive in their technology, blue collar workers are just as successful as the white collar ones. This positive mix of people seemed to also enjoy the weather patterns of Portland. Although Portland has rivers and water sources running through the city, the people are still able to enjoy it even though it rains often in the city. There were many ferry trips we enjoyed and boat adventures in the water sources in around Portland. Entertainment was also very easy to find in this city. From the hundreds of venues for live shows to the multitude of major sports venues, to the night clubbing, Portland always had something available for all types of crowds to partake in.


seattle washington

My trips to Seattle were one of a kind. I have been to San Francisco plenty of times, and the people of Seattle reminded me much of the same as well as the layout. But, I’ll be honest, Seattle is so much better. The much more spacious city between the two, Seattle has a well formulated layout of the city where there were not too many instances we sat in traffic. Tourist destinations were easy to find because the city was literally covered in them. From the Space Needle to the sculptures layered all around the city, to the aquariums, to the river and bay area throughout the city, I could tell people in Seattle really love their city. We went on a couple segway tours around the city, and goodness gracious, segways are sure a fun, easy, and quick way to travel around the town. These puppies go up and down hills with ease, and Seattle is sure full of hilly areas. My favorite experience in Seattle was flying in a float plane around the city. A float plane is a plane that takes off from, and lands in the water. Usually they carry very few passengers, and our flight happened to have only 6 of us. In the float plane, due to the small size of it, I was very comfortable admiring the city from above. We were pretty close to the ground for much of the time and I was really able to gather a great perspective of the city from up above. I would definitely recommend trying one of these tours out. It’s not too often you can take a plane ride for fun throughout a city as vast and amazing as Seattle, Washington.


Boise, Idaho is a completely different city compared to Seattle and Portland. Boise still has, and probably will always have the blue collar feel of farm hands around town.. Although there are a variety of jobs, everyone seems to keep their roots among them in this city. Most people around town are the outdoors type of people who live in Boise due to the country home feel of the town, as well as a developing city that is tech friendly. It’s really the best of both worlds. Boise Idaho has a lot for you if you are a social person. When I went to Boise, I noticed how friendly everyone in the cities were if you were willing to be polite, and hold a conversation with them. Some of the nicest people in the world are in Boise, and that is the major reason I love frequenting the city as much as I can. When I want a vacation where I know I can have my fun and relax when I need to, I choose Boise often.

Vacations do not always have to be visiting out of the ordinary types of landscapes. Sometimes it is nice to go visit a big city and see how mass populations of people live their lives. As humans, we are very social creatures. And, sometimes, being isolated from so many other people can take a toll on you. Maybe try to take a vacation to a big city and see what it would be like to live among so many other humans. You may find that a new city fits your personality better than your current. At that point you are able to decide if you want to stop vacationing somewhere, and actually make it a home. I think that is the best part about vacationing. It is visiting new places to discover if it might be somewhere that you want to reside for a long time.

Check out the big cities. I can positively say that at Portland, Boise, and Seattle, there is no way that you will not have a great time. Happy travels!!!

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