West Coast Best Coast

How many of you have explored the coastal line of the North American West Coast? And if you have, how amazed were you by the vast beautiful landscapes that draped over the western coastline of the Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Since there are only 3 major countries that take up the West coast line, it is actually relatively easy to visit the and be able to see the entire coast. Some of my favorite areas to visit on the west coast of North America are listed below.


vancouver ca

Vancouver is the most popping city on the west coast of Canada. It certainly has somewhat of an American feel to it and kind of replicated the city of Seattle just a short boat trip away. In Vancouver, people are an out and about bunch of people, and the atmosphere certainly replicates that. With a beautiful coastline just a short walk from the city and downtown, there are an abundant amount of beaches to get your fix for coastal lifestyle.


seattle wa

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and it is no wonder considering what kind of city the people have created for themselves. Kind of an off breed of human, Seattle is a hub for new technology, new entrepreneurs, new kinds of music, and just all around off the center brand of people. And we have not even begun to talk about what kind of environment Seattle has. Somewhat replicating a hilly downtown paradise, Seattle has a number of different beaches surrounding basically the entire city as well as bay areas and rivers to go to. If you want a techy city to explore after you spend your afternoon at the beach, Seattle is one of your best options. Read more “West Coast Best Coast”

Fun Places To Go On Vacation With The Family

All of you require time away from your careers to use up with your family unit. In this financial prudence, it is hard to hit upon retreats where you feel tranquil and comfortable. However, sometimes proposing to take a trip with your kids can be very tough. Every time you are searching for the appropriate family vacation spot you have to reflect on a quite a few aspects. Coming across just the right vacation site for your family can either turn out to be a fanciful expedition that will be etched in the mind of everyone or else might finish as a big failure.

In all probability, the leading vacation location all across the world for families is Walt Disney World. It has overlong been situated in Central Florida and is bursting with excitement for all out-of-towners to great grandparents.

disney world
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Montana for the Win

What could be more beautiful than the great outdoors of Montana? I’m specifically talking about the area near the Glacier National Park. Really though…if you’ve ever seen it, it’s truly something special. The views, vibes, and environment is extremely addictive. Nothing is more amazing than having the time to relax and let the outdoors speak to you.

glacier national park

Without a doubt, I highly recommend anyone who admires the outdoors and mother nature to take some time to visit Montana if possible. Of course, it’s not a tropical experience so depending on the time of the year; you may have to pack for some cold weather. This shouldn’t be a huge issue. Obliviously the best time to visit is in the summer when there is so much to do outdoors. There will be a lot of tourists everywhere, but if you time everything perfectly you will have a great time- nothing to worry or stress about.

the great outdoors

Sometimes you just have to act and not think too hard about the vacation. Obviously summertime is the best time to visit, but if you like to ski or snowboard- maybe the winter time is prime for you. It’s truly up to you and what you like to do on vacation. Everyone is different.

It’s hard to say what the best thing to do in Montana is, but sight seeing is definitely at the core of everything. Montana isn’t too far from California, but than again a car drive there wouldn’t be that bad. Seeing Oregon, Washington, and Idaho on the drive up to Montana would be pretty awesome.

mother nature montana

I’ve always had a thing for the outdoors, regardless of where it is. The tropical islands are of course one of the best for vacations, but sometimes spending quite time in the mountains helps with cleansing the soul. The silence in the air is an amazing feeling. The animals that in habitat the land are also something else. You’ll find so many different animals in Montana, everything from a grizzly bear to some spectacular salmon fish.

Don’t forget to visit the local gift shops to take a look at local historic collectibles. There’s always something special to see, buy, and give to others in the small gift shops they have. Without a question, it’s always a great idea to visit Montana when your looking for new places to explore. It is definitely on the top of my list to re-visit again someday. Do your research, and see for yourself on the world wide web why & how Montana can be a great place to take your family to this year. It’s hard to miss such a great opportunity to see the amazing outdoors.


The SoCal Living


Southern California has definitely become a main staple to live for people with money, beach lovers, fantastic weather, and a certain brand of people that are noticeably recognizable compared to many other types of people living in the United States.

One of the arguments for people when living in California is, which part of California is the best to live in, is it NorCal, or is it SoCal? We just made the case for Northern California after a little rendezvous throughout the the Bay Area, Sacramento County, and the true North North part of California, so if you want to see the case for NorCal, click here.

Southern California

When we went to SoCal, we knew that there were a ton of worldwide attractions for us to check out, so we knew we had to go through San Diego and then spend the rest of the time hanging out for the rest of the time in the greater Los Angeles area.

When we first stopped in San Diego, I was completely taken aback by how beautiful the weather was near where we landed, which was right near the ocean actually, was a beautiful scene. The flight coming in, you can get a great look over much of the beautiful San Diego city, and enjoy the sites of some of the world’s best beaches, and ocean living.

san diego -airport

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Vacationing in Northern California

One of the biggest debates between the people of California, which is the better part of California? Is it Northern California, or is it Southern California? This post will cover some of the top features about NorCal, the following post will cover SoCal.

So first off, let’s establish the division between NorCal and SoCal. For the purpose of this post we’re going to leave out Fresno. Sorry Fresknights, but you guys are right in the middle! So above Fresno we will call the NorCal area and below that, it is SoCal. So let’s jump into it.

muir beach bay area

Northern California

Northern California was part of the reason the United States people even started to come to California. The Gold Rush brought people from the Eastern part of the United States in search of gold and creating a large fortune, led by John Sutter and his crew and followers, Sacramento, CA became one of the primary destinations for new people who were coming from the East Coast to the West. Read more “Vacationing in Northern California”

Exploring California

Overall, the country has chosen time and time again that California is the best place in the United States to live in. Many statistics can prove that. Also, just the absurd amount of people that live in the state have spoken louder than words that they love living here too. One of the biggest booms in economics came when Gold was discovered in California. The Gold Rush brought many people from all over the world to California in search of gold, but they found so much more.

Beautiful coastal fronts, lavish forests filled with trees, mountains that stretch for hundreds of miles, a mass amount of wildlife diversity, a diverse climate, an incredible amount of waterway, including lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and oceans cover the city. All of this is only part of what makes up California, and what makes it such a hot destination spot.coastal home

After years of people changing where they reside, California became a top destination around the world. With the booming growth in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the bay area, you will notice that the wealthiest people have all decided that they love California so much that they need to stick a home in there. And you will notice that these are not just any kind of homes. Some of them are so enormous and lavish that every single portion of some of these homes just strike you with awe and admiration. My uncle has continued to manage his crew of carpet cleaners for many of the uber wealthy homes in the North Bay area. Let me tell you, I have heard many stories of incredible homes with features that you did not even think were real until you saw them. Things like retractable furniture, holograms, and other cool tech gear.

Sometimes as a tourist, it is nice to be able to check out some of these great homes and just imagine what kind of life some of these wealthy people are living.

There is this cool app that came out called AirBnB. It is an app that allows people who own home to be able to rent out a room, or the entire house to a tourist who is staying for a short amount of time. AirBnB has allowed me to stay in some of the finest homes in the bay area and San Diego, even if it was just for a very short amount of time.  Read more “Exploring California”

Things to Do in Kauai

Like previously posted Kauai is the best Hawaiian island out of all of them, no joke.  Once you land on the island you will know immediately what I’m talking about.  Pictures simply can’t do any justice for the beauty.  If you’ve ever had dreams about what paradise looks like I know for sure it’s an image of Kauai.  There really is nothing compared to Kauai.  Once you set your eyes on the island for the first time you will fall in love forever.  In my opinion, Kauai is Hawaii’s best kept secret.  Many tourists and newbies flock to the main islands where all the commercial skyscrapers and resorts are.
The amazing thing about Kauai is there’s so many activities to do.  The island itself isn’t that big so one can literally take a tour of the whole island in less than a day.  You will never be bored on the island either.  Before taking a trip to Kauai, again it is advised that you bring money.  Nothing is for free in life, but having an amazing trip for two weeks is priceless.  It’s true, Kauai is the romance island.  I’ve never seen more married couples on honeymoons than when I was in Kauai.
  Kauai overlooking

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Big City Vacationing

The word vacation can implement various ideas in your head when you think of the word. For some people, the word vacation can simply mean time off of work. Others, a vacation is to some special environment, like a beach town, camping grounds, or in the mountains. Most of the people around me, who live in a small town in the eastern edge of Portland, a vacation to them is a trip to a big city.

Being on the west coast, there are a lot of beautiful big cities to hit up, but most of them are in California. Living in Oregon, my family’s vacations were often to Portland, Seattle, and Boise. Among them, I have had an abundant amount of fun in these 3 cities. They are all so different in the culture among them, but provide so much to do throughout the landscape.


portland oregon

Visiting Portland Oregon, most often we would find ourselves at a high class hotel in the middle of the city. We liked to be close to the central downtown area of the big cities we went to sow we could see the most action going on. Our hotel that we stayed at, we were treated to upper echelon service. Since we usually drove, upon arrival, our vehicles were handled by the staff on hand of valetportland.com, who, funnily enough, worked a wedding we went to at the Leach Botanical Gardens. We were also treated to fantastic transportation and actually hardly used our car for the majority of these trips. Portland is very ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to public transportation. Many of the downtown city dwellers use bicycles as their primary means of traveling downtown. They also have one of the fastest growing light rail systems in the country, that allow mass amounts of people to travel around the city across the various light rail routes to reach their destinations.  Read more “Big City Vacationing”

Coastal Travels

When you hear the word vacation, what do you think of? Maybe it’s the traveling to get to the destination, whether it be by bus, car, plane, or train. Maybe people think of camping vacations. Some people, like me, think about going to the coastline or to some large body of water for a vacation.

Growing up in Oregon, most of my fall through Spring consisted of going to school day in and day out in the middle of my town, spending most of my weekends either hanging out with friends, with family, or doing odd jobs. When summer came along, that was always when the big trips happened. Being on the west coast, there was so much opportunity that awaited us. We explored mountains, we explored forests, we hung out at beach houses on the ocean, we went to lake houses. But the experiences were not all equal, and didn’t strike me as vacations sometimes. When I imagined going hiking around mountains, that’s what I took the word for, a hike. Not a vacation. To me, the word vacation means taking a break from the hard stuff in life to relax and enjoy being served for once. This always meant ocean chilling.

Whenever I watched movies growing up, when the suburban families would pile all of their kids into the car to take them to a vacation at a far away place, if you had to bet money on where they were going most of the time in these movies.

When you are at the ocean, the sounds of ocean waves must just be operating at a different vibration, the rest of the world or something, because when I think about summer fun, and summer peace, and vacation, I imagine myself laying down with a hat on tanning by the ocean, getting some good relaxation time from all my troubles in life.

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Kauai, the The Best Hawaiian Island

If you’ve ever thought of vacationing in Hawaii you’ve probably thought of the tourist islands like Maui or Oahu. Most of the main islands attract tons of tourists every year. Personally I don’t recommend going to the big islands where all the tourists congregate. Packed, crowded beaches was never my favorite growing up. Most people never give the small island of Kauai the chance. Kauai is the farthest island to the east, closest to Asia. If you’ve ever seen the movies Jurassic Park or LILO & Stitch you know what Kauai looks like. Most people make the claim, “Kauai is what Hawaii used to look like.” If your looking for raw Hawaii with amazing scenery and beaches, then Kauai is your island.

Most of the time the island is filled with celebrities and honey mooners. Kauai also has the most exotic mountain range on the coast of the ocean I’ve ever seen. The world famous mountain range that you seen in LILO & Stitch is known as the Napoli Coast. I remember taking a tour of the Napoli coast on a sail boat. It was an amazing scene to see but if you get sea sick, it’s not the best way to see the coast. Next time I go to see the Napoli Coast I’m taking the helicopter tour. There’s so many things to do on the island. Whether you like laying on the beach, ATVing, Zip lining, scuba diving, sailing Kauai has it all.

noel hawaii

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